Elle (tragicfolklore) wrote in wetookthebomp,

Rockrgrl Magazine

Last month, I ordered four back-issues of a magazine called Rockrgrl, and today I finally received two of the copies. Although they are no longer putting out any new issues, you can order back-issues (so long as they haven't sold out yet), and 100% of each issue is dedicated to feminist issues, females in rock (and other genres), female media, and anything else you could think of. The magazines cost $7 each, and this cost pays for yr shipping and handling. You're almost guaranteed to find yr favourite 1994-2005 female indie and alternative bands. So if you guys wanted to check this out, it is great literature to indulge yr free time with.

And P.S. I'm going to be posting up the Band of the Week either tomorrow or Thursday. I have a pretty good idea of who I want to feature, but just in case, does anyone have any suggestions?
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