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Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards!

Band of the week!

This week, I am going to pick the band of the week. I'm am going to pick my favorite band, The Slits.

There is so much that could be said. They came out of the punk scene, participated in the White Riot, opened for The Clash at Bonds, recorded three of the late John Peel's favorite BBC radio sessions, and recorded two great albums.

As far as women in music go, they were pioneers. Here you had three white women from different countries (Ari was born in Germany and Viv was born in France) mixing dub and reggae into their music. Not only did they elbow their way into the punk scene, they did it playing the music of a culture that believed that a pregnant woman should not be allowed to handle a man's food.

In Maria Raha's book Cinderella's Big Score, she mentions that when Le Tigre has shown the cover of Cut on their video boards, it has gotten a huge ovation.

Photobucket is being difficult, so I will post some pics later :).
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