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Community dedicated to female indie and alternative music

We Took The Bomp
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A community dedicated to the women in alternative music...

We offer...
  • Band/Artist of the Week
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Prizes!!


1. After joining the community, please make a post saying that you are a new member within 48 hours of joining.
After you joined:

  • PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! When you promote, provide the link where you promoted, and we'll give you points. (the point system is provided below.)
  • Post anything you want related to female music. Lyrics, interviews, pictures, and whatever else you want, as long as it's relative to the community. If you plan on posting multiple pictures please be considerate and put them behind a cut.
  • Make promotion banners and any other graphics for the community (this also earns points).
  • If you have any communities that you want to affiliate with us, make sure to let one of the moderators know. ^__^
  • If you have a suggestion for band/artist of the week, post a little about them and we'll consider using them. Make sure that the band is all-female or at least mostly-female, however, as the community is dedicated to female music.

Point System:

  • 5 points for posting a relative post
  • 10 points for each promotion (provide the link)
  • 10-15 points for each scavenger hunt question you answer
  • 20 points for making a promotional banner
  • 30 points for making a pair of accepted/rejected banners
  • 40 points for each recruited person
  • 50 point for creating a custom layout

Current Points and Members




Promotion Banners

Band/Artist of the week:

List by each week

Scavenger Hunt:
Current Scavenger Hunt


email: ellemarr@gmail.com
email: stare_and_growl@hotmail.com