Elle (tragicfolklore) wrote in wetookthebomp,


Hey guys, it's yr mod Elle here. ^_^

Well, I guess I'm due to start the first scavenger hunt and post the band/artist of the week for this week sometime soon. The community's running a bit slow, but I've been trying to promote as much as I can.

So I have two questions for everyone:

1. The application's looking a bit....short. Does anyone have any ideas of what questions I should add on? Think of what sort of questions would you all want to ask any new members. I was thinking about adding an opinions section, but I don't know if it would be entirely relevant in order to get in. What are yr thoughts on this?

2. Does anyone know of any good communities that would be available for affiliating with that have to do with intellectual rating communities or punk/alternative communities?

Thanks again, and I hope to hear from everyone soon. Don't forget to invite yr friends and communities to join us here at wetookthebomp!

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